North ..nearly May

Yep. Nice spring came to the Norway. Every year at the same time, beautiful, big and heavy snowflakes falling from the sky =)) I can’t say I’m surprised. Last year was even more snow . . was hard to open the door and go out from home. Happy Friday everyone! ♥ →Don’t miss the “Winter footsteps” Advertisements

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Sky stalker

I’m staring the sky. Everyday. I’m watching like a guard. Clouds guard. 🙂 This is my addiction. I’m analyzing where they come from, what kind they are, what weather they’ll bring, what mood will give? Read the sky like a book. And then came the time when I start photographer them. If I don’t have […]

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Tripping the memories =o) I remember when we had walking and exploring new areas in neighborhood. Vestfold is the most beautiful place I’ve seen in life. Provided if you’re nature lover. I can’t believe what we had been doing two years ago from today! So free, boring, lazy time. I’m very sentimental .. do I […]

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They are my biggest love and happiness in entire life. Biggest gift that I ever could imagine. Biggest that I can ever dreamed of. Priceless. For moments like this I would live forever. → Treasure of living room

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Here I am . .

First note on first ..and last blog in my history. Who have time for all of this virtual social activities!? I’d rather operate more with pictures. They telling more than any words.

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