North ..nearly May

North nearly May
April 2017
April 2017

Yep. Nice spring came to the Norway. Every year at the same time, beautiful, big and heavy snowflakes falling from the sky =)) I can’t say I’m surprised. Last year was even more snow . . was hard to open the door and go out from home.

April 2016

Happy Friday everyone! ♥

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Sky stalker

Sky stalker
fot. Dorota Orlowska, Sanadefjord centre from window view

I’m staring the sky. Everyday. I’m watching like a guard. Clouds guard. 🙂 This is my addiction. I’m analyzing where they come from, what kind they are, what weather they’ll bring, what mood will give? Read the sky like a book. And then came the time when I start photographer them. If I don’t have camera with me I use just phone. No matter if I’m driving a car, walking with son, going on shopping, sitting at work front of window, cleaning my house . . I’ve never pass indifferently. And I realized about that quite recently. I’m “sky stalker” – for many reasons.

It’s beautiful, calming, gives you nice background for thinking. For me it’s also private connection with something or someone. I believe.

So it’s very special when I look up the sky, and strongly hope she’s somewhere in better place. And maybe she’s looking at us, and can see the Jakob somehow? How wonderful and special he is, how smart and intelligent, sweet and innocent, touching, funny, inspiring. . .and I wish she would be here. And regret that cannot be part of our world. And that she was late to even met him, and that also Jakob will never meet her in reality. Shame. I’ll never understand how and why that happened? So many questions without answers. Someone told me once “Does not fight with God” and that’s it. It’s like that. We need to accept it to move on.

Sometimes it’s much harder to face off your lost. If you’ve deep feeling that someone was murdered by the disease. After painful, and long battle. After strong faith that everything will be fine at the end . . . It’s extremely painful and disappointing.

Mum what I will tell him? How to find words to describe your precious and positive person you was. You was that one in a million, that everyone felt you. Warm personality, always honest and good, positive energy. You was good spirit for everyone.

So I’m staring the sky hoping you watching us and dreaming that sun is your smile.
I’m thinking and miss you every single day. Yes.

→ Did you realized that?

I’m sure that for all of you, whom had experience with this subject the answer is yes.

→ This book changed my life 


Tripping the memories =o)

fot. Dorota  Orlowska, Mølen

I remember when we had walking and exploring new areas in neighborhood. Vestfold is the most beautiful place I’ve seen in life. Provided if you’re nature lover. I can’t believe what we had been doing two years ago from today! So free, boring, lazy time. I’m very sentimental .. do I miss to does days? Yes and Not. Because now, after Jakob’s borned – Life tastes more intensively. You sleep deeper (if’s possible) 😉 You eat faster, Thinking less, Feels more, Appreciate moments, DON’T HAVE TIME! Drinking cold coffee, the home tasks have no ending .. and for some magic reason day by day you love this crazy circle more and more. Asking yourself What I’ve been doing with the time before? 😀 For sure soon we’ll back on road. Shows Jakob all of the places we discovered and looking forward to discover more more new with him.

Stay up to date for upcoming trip tips. And here’s my top directions so far:
– Bø Sommerland, – Høyt og lavt , – Holmenkollen, – Tønsberg tønne, – Tønsberg viking museum, – Drammen spiralen, – Mølen, – Stavern, – Nevlunghavn strand, – Eftang, – Kjerringvik, – Østerøya, – Vesterøya, – Vigeland park Oslo, – Operahuset Oslo

..and many many more but a bit further from Vestfold. Like Geilo, Nørefjell or Uvdal for snow fun. Snowboard in our case.

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