Growing up

Jakob my love small

I feel on my own skin now what’s mean “kids growing up too fast!”. It’s happening every day! Yesterday he was born .. now he’s in kindergarten .. tomorrow highschool. Before I watch back, he will bring to home own love .. yes. Time flies!

But now . .

I would like to focus on this moment, keep and celebrate as much I can all this sweetest smiles, faces. Hold forever the way he look at me, needs me, hugs and plays. This is the most beautiful time in my life. This is our time. The mother and son. The parents – to love, to teach, to help, to be for you Jakob, always beside, ready on every needs. It’s so obvious and natural like breathing. This special place in my heart, about which I had no idea before. Belong to you.

All the time I can not go out of admiration as a one-year-old boy can be so smart. When did it happen? When you learned to wash your own hands or jump. Name objects and emotions. Differentiate animals, colors and shapes. Imitate the sounds but also people – us. You are a glorious Jakob. I’m watching you every day. I admirate your tiny figure, hands gesticulating, dancing and loud laughter. With you I will not forget how to live and what is most important.

The recipe for happy life is so simple.
Sincerity, loud laughter, enjoy of surrounding world, love!
To be like a child.

Never forget.



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