We all are different

Vigeland Park 3

We all are different but similar at the same time. We’re coming from two different planets but miracle will not happened without one of us. Nature needs woman and man to build future. To create life. But our nature and point of view of many things can be, and usually is, compleately different.

For someone it’s a reason to laugh. For other not acceptable. Differences are source of misunderstandings and conflicts. These make us sadness. Sadness pushing us to find solution. Everyone wants to be happy. But not all of us will find it.

Don’t be blind to human differences. Differences between the sex: men and woman are natural. We are just like that. Don’t try to change someone else to own vision of partner, father, mother, friend or kid, etc. Start from trying to understand others. Because we all are different. And just accepting the other person as he is, no matter what we want to be, will make us happy and free from sadness and frustration.

We humans have many qualities, but one and very strong of them is egoism. We are not perfect. You have to remember that. We often think only about ourselves, about what we feel, how much someone neglects us, not remember, doesn’t call, not interested in us. Just think oposit, it’s so simple. Don’t be focus on yourself. Maybe someone, you’re getting mad wright now, have worst situation than you. Maybe the reason is small? But we have special power to make own projections in head 😉

Be first to take a hand. Be open to others and start from understanding.
The good comes back always.



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