They saying home is where your heart is. And that’s truly true. Don’t scare to dream big and realize them. Don’t let the scares take down your possibility to better life, happy life. Remember who you are but dare to take what you deserve, what you’ve worked so hard for. Do not waste the opportunity that […]

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September of 9th. Happy Birthday mummy – my Sweet Angel [‘] R.I.P. “Motherhood: All love begins and ends there.” (R. Browning)

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Growing up

I feel on my own skin now what’s mean “kids growing up too fast!”. It’s happening every day! Yesterday he was born .. now he’s in kindergarten .. tomorrow highschool. Before I watch back, he will bring to home own love .. yes. Time flies! But now . . I would like to focus on […]

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She’s real french girl! The QUEEN ♠ The story about Phoebe is very special. Except that was our dream to have this kind of troll at home =-)) She came to our place in the most difficult and hard time for me, what was the sickness of my mother.. so for the long time before we […]

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Best time

Best time is when I’m with my son and family under sunny day in our garden! 🙂 One of the many. Sweet, safety, loved, calm and happy! Just like it is. Please more and forever.

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They are my biggest love and happiness in entire life. Biggest gift that I ever could imagine. Biggest that I can ever dreamed of. Priceless. For moments like this I would live forever. → Treasure of living room

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