Tripping the memories =o)

fot. Dorota 聽Orlowska, M酶len

I remember when we had walking and exploring new areas in neighborhood. Vestfold is the most beautiful place I’ve seen in life. Provided if you’re nature lover. I can’t believe what we had been doing two years ago from today! So free, boring, lazy time. I’m very sentimental .. do I miss to does days? Yes and Not. Because now, after Jakob’s borned – Life tastes more intensively. You sleep deeper (if’s possible) 馃槈 You eat faster, Thinking less, Feels more, Appreciate moments, DON’T HAVE TIME! Drinking cold coffee, the home tasks have no ending .. and for some magic reason day by day you love this crazy circle more and more. Asking yourself What I’ve been doing with the time before? 馃榾 For sure soon we’ll back on road. Shows Jakob all of the places we discovered and looking forward to discover more more new with him.

Stay up to date for upcoming trip tips. And here’s my top directions so far:
– B酶 Sommerland, – H酶yt og lavt , – Holmenkollen, – T酶nsberg t酶nne, – T酶nsberg viking museum, – Drammen spiralen, – M酶len, – Stavern, – Nevlunghavn strand, – Eftang, – Kjerringvik, – 脴ster酶ya, – Vester酶ya, – Vigeland park Oslo, – Operahuset Oslo

..and many many more but a bit further from Vestfold. Like Geilo, N酶refjell or Uvdal for snow fun. Snowboard in our case.

Wanna see some photos from places above? Check here