She’s real french girl! The QUEEN ♠

The story about Phoebe is very special. Except that was our dream to have this kind of troll at home =-)) She came to our place in the most difficult and hard time for me, what was the sickness of my mother.. so for the long time before we decided, I was searching the ads in Internet – just for fun. I was looking at the puppies for many hours, every day. My exploring had no ending! My love Jacek – I think he had enough of my questions, like: “Can we have a dog?”.

– No!

– Why? Look how sweet they are.


But. The worse and more difficult my mom’s situation was, the closer I was to getting my Phoebe. I felt that Jacek’s heart coming softer. He saw my pain and felt the same way. One day I show him one add, near to our location with the most sweetest french bulldogs puppies I’ve ever saw. “Can we go just for fun, and see them Jacek?” And he said “OK. But don’t treat this trip like that we’re going to get it!” – he said =-))


Exactly 3 years and 3 months later at the enclosed picture, she stole our hearts. (Mostly his) ;-)) kidding.

She was the medicine for all bad things at that time. Biggest emotional support I had. Thanks to Jacek. When the words are not enough. Taking care of Phoebe was absorbing enough.

All of you who have or had the dog, know what kind of love it is. What a big support in many kind of life situation. No matter what happens, they are stand of us. Unconditional. Always. There is no other warmer and furry hug than this from your dog =-))

At last I need to say, that if I would not be the owner of the French bulldog by myself, I will never believed how active and cheeky they can be. It is a volcano of energy, a sensitive and positive being. Spread the confusion and joy at home.

Tripping the memories =o)

fot. Dorota  Orlowska, Mølen

I remember when we had walking and exploring new areas in neighborhood. Vestfold is the most beautiful place I’ve seen in life. Provided if you’re nature lover. I can’t believe what we had been doing two years ago from today! So free, boring, lazy time. I’m very sentimental .. do I miss to does days? Yes and Not. Because now, after Jakob’s borned – Life tastes more intensively. You sleep deeper (if’s possible) 😉 You eat faster, Thinking less, Feels more, Appreciate moments, DON’T HAVE TIME! Drinking cold coffee, the home tasks have no ending .. and for some magic reason day by day you love this crazy circle more and more. Asking yourself What I’ve been doing with the time before? 😀 For sure soon we’ll back on road. Shows Jakob all of the places we discovered and looking forward to discover more more new with him.

Stay up to date for upcoming trip tips. And here’s my top directions so far:
– Bø Sommerland, – Høyt og lavt , – Holmenkollen, – Tønsberg tønne, – Tønsberg viking museum, – Drammen spiralen, – Mølen, – Stavern, – Nevlunghavn strand, – Eftang, – Kjerringvik, – Østerøya, – Vesterøya, – Vigeland park Oslo, – Operahuset Oslo

..and many many more but a bit further from Vestfold. Like Geilo, Nørefjell or Uvdal for snow fun. Snowboard in our case.

Wanna see some photos from places above? Check here