Growing up

I feel on my own skin now what’s mean “kids growing up too fast!”. It’s happening every day! Yesterday he was born .. now he’s in kindergarten .. tomorrow highschool. Before I watch back, he will bring to home own love .. yes. Time flies! But now . . I would like to focus on […]

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Best time

Best time is when I’m with my son and family under sunny day in our garden! 🙂 One of the many. Sweet, safety, loved, calm and happy! Just like it is. Please more and forever.

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Promise to sleep earlier.. tomorrow 

Like everyday and I’m sure all parents know that promise .. and not only parents. Again it’s near midnight and still sitting front of tv. Short moment for relax and chill. Goodnight soon .. I wish to have energy to write something more NOT today =)) zzz…   Advertisements

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